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Spaces is fast, fluid and flexible, allowing you to quickly create and explore concepts.

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    From sketch to building in seconds
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    Accurate, real-time building data at your fingertips
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    Comprehensive space planning
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Sketch-based Conceptual design for iPad


From sketching to building concepts in seconds

Sketch, erase, redraw, trace

All with a live building model 


Quickly edit designs with interactive controls

Shape the building through simple sketching

Iterate concepts, test options, and refine your designs quickly and easily


Accurate building data is at your fingertips

Use key insights as you iterate your design

Building information instantly accessible

Site & Context

Import your site and surroundings to quickly provide context

Sketch and iterate site zoning and usage options

Real-time site area and ratio information allows rapid feasibility studies

Product Roadmap

Quarter 4 - 2022

Sketching and Sketch book

Sketching is one of our core value propositions we are continually expanding and improving our sketch engine.

We plan to release more intuitive sketch-based model editing features to allow you to quickly explore you design.

Our recently released Sketch book will continue to advance with additional model->sketch capture functions and new annotation tools.


Ensuring Spaces can be integrated into your existing work-flows we are continuing to expand our integrations.

We are redeveloping our export functions to be more extensive and streamlined.

These enhancements will allow you to easily share projects, drawings and data with the various project stake-holders.


We want to expand further the base modelling capabilities within Spaces. Some of these are based on the Sketch updates above while others are more detailed.

We plan to release a series of new modelling tools. Some of these are to enhance the building itself while others will provide more context for the project.

We plan to allow better control over building footprints allowing for buildings with alternating footprints to be created and quickly updates.

Consolidation and Performance

We  frequently review our overall app speed and work to reduce any bottlenecks that develop through the course of app development.

Our primary focus currently is improving the opening time for a new Section and Elevation views.

Exact details of these updates will be made clear in our release reports.

The above roadmap indicates what we have in the pipeline. The exact release timing is subject to change.
If any of the features are of interest and you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Keep an eye on our Release page to stay up to date with what's new.