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Pricing plans

Spaces Starter
Learn at your own pace
Everything you need to start sketching conceptual designs
no payment or sign up required, get started quickly risk-free
For individuals
Unlimited projects, additional modelling tools, project sharing and more
$19 USD / month
save with an upfront annual payment
Start 14-day trialBlack Friday Special
$99 for first Year
Floating License
Spaces Pro
For teams
Comprehensive space planning, advanced reporting, IFC and OBJ export
$35 USD / month
save with an upfront annual payment
Start 14-day trialBlack Friday Special
$199 for first year

Note: Pricing excludes local sales tax, VAT and GST.

Plan features

Spaces Starter
Spaces Pro
Floating License *
FREE 14-day Trial
Maximum number of Projects
iPad + Apple Pencil App
Create Buildings, Spaces, Zones, Sites and Surroundings
Digital Sketchbook
Realtime building data
Sketch and vector-based building design
Edit Building Usage
Reporting (Building, Coverage, Floor Ratio)
Access Shared Models
Create Building Sections
Sun Studies
Open Street Maps Integration
Editable Dimensions
Simple Briefing
Share Models
Custom Usage Types
Reporting Filtering
Image, Drawing and Report Export
Comprehensive Space Planning
Site Boundary Tool
Room Briefing
IFC Export
OBJ Export
Project Templates
Help Centre & Support
Live Chat & Email **
Live Chat & Priority Email  **
Live Chat & Priority Email  **
* Floating licenses are only available when purchased through our website. For more details see the FAQs below
** For priority support we target a response within 1 business day; For non-priority support we target a response within 2-5 business days
* Rotate to see product features


How do I begin my free trial of Spaces?


To begin your trial, open Spaces on your iPad and open the App Settings page (the cog icon in the bottom left)

Use the Purchase Subscription link, and subscription plan options will be displayed. 

You have to choose your preferred payment option (annual or monthly) to begin your free trial.

Note: you can cancel your trial anytime up to 24 hours before it finishes, and you will not be charged. If you don't cancel your trial on completion, you will be charged according to your purchase selection.

How do Floating licenses work?


There are a number of things to consider with floating licenses:

  • Floating licenses are only available with our Professional Plan when it is purchased via our website (they are no available via App Store)
  • You can purchase multiple floating licenses under a single account to share licenses across your office
  • You can take floating licenses off line
  • Once assigned you can either check your license back in via Space, or it can be revoked via our Account Management site (

What happens when I cancel my subscription?


If you have a paid subscription or a free 14-day trial and you choose to cancel it, you will be downgraded to the Spaces Starter Plan where you can continue to use Spaces for free.

If you have more than the two project limit of Spaces Starter you will find only your three most recent projects are accessible.

Is there a trial version for Spaces?


Yes, you can test the additional features in Spaces with a FREE 14-day trial. At the end of the Trial, you can continue with a paid subscription, or cancel and downgrade to the Spaces Starter plan.

How long can I use the free Spaces Starter Plan?


You can use Spaces Starter as long as you want free of charge. Spaces Starter has a limit of two Projects, so if you want to create additional projects, you either need to delete a project or upgrade to one of our paid Subscription Plans.

Do you have a student / education version?


Yes! If you submit your request for an educational license with a copy of a valid student ID card we will enable a 12 month license of Spaces for you free of charge.