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January 26, 2022

Regular releases and continuous improvement

“Real artists ship.” — Steve Jobs

Before you say anything, I don’t profess to be an artist. However, the quote above is one of Cerulean Lab’s critical approaches to developing Spaces - we ship, and we ship regularly.

Coupled with this is another crucial mantra that we rely on - continuous improvement or kaizen.

While we strive for perfection with our software, we also realise it is a journey which is why we focus on incremental steps and regular releases.

We could spend double the time on a release but only make minimal improvements. We prefer to get new features in front of our customers quickly to include their feedback as we polish these features in subsequent releases.

There are always more ideas than time, so shipping regularly is a way to focus our energy on the most critical aspects of a feature.

We build quality code as we need it to be maintainable, but we scope our features to meet our release goals.

We run on a quarterly cycle which gives us the freedom to explore and develop new features that require significant investment while at the same time releasing incremental improvements ’in-between.

Today, we release one of these “in-between” releases. There are no significant new features but several enhancements to existing features providing our customers with improved work-flows—lookout in the next few weeks for our next release. We will release our new quarter features as we continue our shipping journey coupled with continuous improvement.