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March 23, 2023

Product plans and price updates

We regularly review our product offerings and pricing plans as a product-focused business.

Today we have made updates to both of these.

Freemium offering

We want our new customers to see everything Spaces has to offer, so we have recently added several features to our free Spaces Starter Plan, including:

  • Cladding Tool
  • Column Tool
  • Import Surroundings
  • Model to sketch
  • Sun Studies

The free plan is still limited to a maximum of two projects, and the export functions remain part of our paid Subscription plans.

Subscription Plans

We've also tweaked our pricing with our latest release.

Our annual Professional Plan has a slight price reduction, and we have also introduced a monthly payment for our Professional Plan.

We've also reduced the price for our monthly Standard Plan for all existing and new customers.

14 Day Trials

While you can now experience more with our Spaces Starter Plan, you can begin a 14-trial for any of our paid plans and get the complete experience.

Sign up for your trial via our website to maximise the flexibility.