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March 24, 2022

Get that sketchy feeling!

Sketching is a core part of Spaces, as we believe it is still the fastest way to get your new design ideas down.

However, while sketching has been the core mechanism to begin your projects, our 2d and 3d views communicated a slightly different story - until now, that is.

With our release today, we have added in the quintessential architectural drawing style of overlapping corners!

Tip 6 in this youTube video highlights this technique.

Earlier tips in this video also resonate with how we have designed Spaces to work:

You always want to pull the pen or pencil along the page, not push it. Larger more fluid motions are preferable to small ones.

Spaces works best when you treat your iPad like a piece of paper, creating the outlines as a series of overlapping strokes, not one continuous line.

Plans, sections and perspective views all have this treatment applied - though you can turn it off if you are a fan of preciseness!

We love this new style and trust you will too. We also have some more "sketch-based" features in the pipeline to take our core sketch approach deeper into the app so keep an eye out for these over the next few weeks.