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August 4, 2021
Product News

Early Access Release 4

As we highlighted with our earlier releases, we want to maintain a regular rhythm of releases. Therefore, we may hit a bump from time to time, and a release may slip a week, which it did in this instance. That said, no one said this would be easy, and we continually review and assess our release frequency to determine what feels best for both our customers and ourselves.

While we have an extensive roadmap of features we plan to develop in the upcoming months, we can't be 100% focused on feature development and need to give some love to existing tools based on ideas and feedback we receive from our testing community.

Our fourth release has a couple of more minor new features, but the entire Spaces app has taken a big step forward with several powerful improvements across the existing Tools. In addition, a lot of work has gone on "under the bonnet" to ensure that the performance level of Spaces remains high.

Full release details can be found on our help centre.